About Lost In Articulation

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Hey, my name is Monique and I’m an aspiring photographer and polyglot.

Everyday I am Lost In Articulation.  As a language learner of almost 10 years I encounter new things therefore accumulating more interests.  There are so many wonderful things in the world and life is too short not to try most of them.

Lost In Articulation is a lifestyle blog about the things I experience and love.  If it is a specific niche you’re looking this isn’t it.  I tried being the fashion blogger, the beauty blogger, the travel blogger, the food blogger, honestly I tried it all and it was too difficult just to be one.  I was always looking for ways to combine those categories.  So (for now) I’m happy just being the vague lifestyle blogger.  Why should I limit myself to just one niche when I have so many interests and knowledge to share.  It just means I have the opportunity to try and experience more things as well as finding out what I don’t enjoy.  This blog is the opportunity for you to do that too.