2 Places I Couldn’t Stay Away From In 2018

Before I began writing this I was wondering why I couldn’t think of more than two places to talk about because I am so certain there was a variety of places I ate and drank in the last year. There weren’t many places that really stood out to me in 2018 and those that did I habitually returned to. So, I guess I answered my own question and ultimately it’s my fault for not trying new places but also both these establishments are to blame for being so good that I don’t give other places an opportunity.

1. Sip

Sip is the youngest of the bars/restaurants that I went to religiously but also has been a consistent favourite of mine for an array of reasons. Firstly, this place just gets better every day. They’re always improving and consistently catering to the needs of their customers. Sip always something new to try, despite the fact I usually get the same or similar thing, and they have a solid customer base which is what every thriving business needs.

Assiette of desserts

Without being affected by being on Burton road which is renowned for having a wide selection of places to eat, drink and loiter, Sip has stood out because there was a gap in the market for wine-focused bars in all of Didsbury. If anybody asks me where is good to drink in all of Didsbury Sip is the first, and at this point, the only direction I will point them in.

156 Burton Road
West Didsbury
M20 1LH , 0161 445 1900

2. Grand Pacific

As of last year, if I wasn’t in Sip of venturing on a bar crawl in the city, my first point of call would be Grand Pacific. The only reason I had found Grand Pacific is because I was searching for places that did afternoon tea and this one of many that appeared.

After having such a lovely experience with afternoon tea here I returned multiple times for different experiences such as drinks with friends, lunch for my birthday, dinner with family and many more experiences to come.

Grand Pacific is always and consistent and provides a friendly and sophisticated atmosphere but one of the main reasons I always return is because it’s always pleasantly crowded. By this, I mean that there’s forever a good ambiance but there’s never been a situation where you’re fighting your way to the bar or not being acknowledged by staff members.

50 Spring Gardens, Manchester M2 1EN, 0161 839 9369


Instagram @grandpacific_mcr

Albeit being very different from one another Sip and Grand Pacific offer friendly services and atmosphere as well as high-quality food and wine without being overbearing. You’re encouraged to try new things and in Sip, in particular, they want you to learn about what they on top of having a friendly conversation.

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