5 Things I Should Have Taken With Me When I Moved Abroad

It will forever amuse me how quickly time goes by and I cannot believe it has been way over a year since I moved to Shanghai for 6 months.  When I think about my time there I always think about the things I wish I had taken with me that would have made my life a million times easier.

  1. Tripod.  I took a lot of my camera gear with me but I decided to leave my tripod which I regretted as soon as I got there.  There were many occasions I would have liked to have used it for group shots and just to generally help ensure I get sharp and clear photos.
  2. Sports gear.  I often found myself looking for things to do when I was in China and I joined a gym to stay healthy and lose some weight.  When I wanted to do this I realised I had nothing sports-wise with.  No trainers, shorts, leggings.  Nothing.  This led me to buy things I already had back home.
  3. Thicker clothing.  The one thing I never did before moving abroad was checking what the weather was like before I left.  When the cold season hit I was left with clothes that couldn’t keep me warm, a runny nose for a few months and another thing my dispoable income had to be spent on.
  4. Beauty products.  It’s not that I didn’t bring them with me, it’s that I thought they would last longer.  Shanghai is an amazing city for shopping.  Especially in the beauty department but only if you’re light-skinned.  Finding makeup in Shanghai that has even the slightest shade of melanin in it was pretty much impossible.  It’s another thing I didn’t consider.  Different countries.  Different demographics.
  5. Essential medications.  Little things like painkillers and hayfever tablets are accessible but expensive.  Since it’s so reasonably priced over here, it felt like you were being robbed of your money.

What did I learn?  Research.  Prepare.  Save money as a result.

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