Maintaining Focus: Setting goals this September

After thoroughly combing through British Vogue during the month of August, it has motivated me to create goals and make some lifestyle changes as well as inspire my current and future wardrobe.  Here are the top 15 things I am going to be focusing on.

2018-08-08 09.30.17 1.jpg
The September Issue

Blog and write more frequently

Whether it is in my diary or on my blog I want to write more frequently in order to share my ideas, become more involved in discussions and most importantly to clear my mind.  Writing has always been a huge part of my life in order to express and learn more about myself.

Improve my photography skills

Photography has always been a passion of mine but as of late I have been so far removed from this art form that I feel as if I’m losing my touch.  I want to use this opportunity to get to know my camera again and relearn old skills as well as new ones.

Go to the gym every day

This is one goal I have already started.  Although I was absolutely shattered I made it to the gym at 5am this morning and it felt good.  I had to go to work for 14 hours after but the rewards will be worth it.

Do yoga every day

As well as going to the gym I also want to find time to do yoga every day whether it is for 5 minutes or an hour.  The few times I have done yoga in my life have helped me feel recentred, more calm and more in control of my body and mind.

Eat clean

Eating out is one of my favourite things to do but this is expensive and isn’t always healthy.  Over a year ago I constantly cooked from scratch, made smoothie bowls and was having at least one smoothie a day.  Somewhere along the line I completely derailed and it’s time to get back on track.

Read 100 pages a day

Just like the derailment of a healthy lifestyle, the same thing happened with my reading habits over the last few months.  I put a book down in March and didn’t pick it back up until over a week ago.  Reading has always been a huge part of my life and I would hate for it to just suddenly become inexistent.  I don’t want to lose the passion for reading because it’s one way you can experience things from other worlds, realities, and experiences without having to do it yourself.

Declutter.  Declutter.  Declutter.

As I sit here and type this post there are a number of things staring at me that I don’t need.  Items build up over the years and I find that when it comes to tidying up and getting rid of things we’re presented with a memory of a little moment in our lives that we didn’t know we didn’t remember.  Although it is nice to be reminded of other times in our lives, there are other ways they can be remembered.  Without cluttering your space and causing a distraction.

Ornate to minimalist-ish

Minimalism has interested me over the last several years, especially since the dawn of Instagram.  I don’t want to become a minimalist but I want to use it as a filter to get rid of things that I need and value vs. the things that I don’t.

Be tidy consistently

I go through phases of tidying up my bedroom and the apartment but I find it difficult to maintain a clear space and I think this goes back to having too many things which are why I want/need to adopt minimalism into my lifestyle.  It’s also little things I can do to make my life easier such as putting things back in the exact same place I got them or putting laundry away straight away.

Refocus on languages

I’ve studied a variety of languages formally and informally in my short 2 decades on this planet and since going to university I have slowly been leaving them behind.  Language skills take a long time to learn and you never stop learning.  Think about how many words you don’t know in your own language.

Learn something new every day

No single person is interested in one thing and when we’re very young we want to try new things and we ask a lot of questions.  On the other hand, as we’re forced into privileged prison sentence we call academia we become pigeonholed and we don’t even realise it.  One bad grade and suddenly you’re not fit to continue in the subject or it is strongly suggested that you’ll never be good at it.  This leads to demotivation and resentment towards particular topics and subjects.  Science was never my forte in high school but I still enjoy reading journal articles about physics, astronomy, and cosmology.


Vlogging and YouTube have always been an exciting, intimidating and scary world to me and I think trying Vlogtember will really help me to decide whether or not I like it or if it’s something I want to see results in.  For those who are unfamiliar vlogtember is kind of like a challenge many creators and curators take part in displaying their daily lives, routines etc.

Improve and curate a consistent skin care routine

For about two months I had a pretty solid skincare routine.  Similar to a couple of other things in my life, it derailed and I think this happened due to excess of things.  I love having a vast and vibrant skin care collection but having too much has proven to be a struggle in staying consistent sometimes and this has had negative effects on my skin.

Stay organised

I only seem to stay organised on days when I have things to do and when I don’t I end up wasting time and not accomplishing things I could such as learning or improving on a skill, exercising or reading.

Wake Up Early

Provided that I can get to sleep at a decent time, I also want to wake up at earlier.  4:00/4:30AM to be exact.  When I have woken up earlier on previous occasions I gave myself more time to do things and organize my day.  It gives me a chance to visit and perhaps revisit things I couldn’t get done a previous to do list.


It can be so easy to simply become engulfed in life and in situations that gratitude is comfortably forgotten.  Life presents us with many challenges and it can be easy to fall into a negative mentality if a particular challenge is difficult to complete.

For the first time in a while, I’m excited about the idea of a new beginning and improving myself and lifestyle.  It would be interesting to see small and big changes at the end of the month.


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