Grand Pacific: It All Started With High Tea

Grand Pacific was always one of those places I heard great things about but never ended up going to but I finally decided to break that chain several months ago and now It’s made it on the list of go-to places to go.  The grade II listed building was founded as a gentlemen’s club in the late 19th century but ended in 1988.  Before becoming Grand Pacific it was known as a restaurant called room which from what I can remember was also almost as good as what Grand Pacific is today.

Grand Pacific looks out onto King Street opposite Jamies Italian, Rosso and Brown.  Although close to other popular restaurants in the area it’s very discreet and practically missable if you don’t know where it is.  It blends in so perfectly and is cohesive with the other grande II buildings in the area.  Nevertheless, I think it gives it an element of exclusivity.  If you know, you know.

Not only is it the grade II building that makes this place stand out but also what’s going on inside.  The decor is beyond beautiful and gothic and tropical meet somewhere in the middle.  The grand wooden spiral staircase starts of your experience immediately and gives you the illusion of entering somewhere otherworldly as well as another time.

2018-07-03 10.43.51 1.jpg

High Tea

I can confidently say I love the idea of high tea and afternoon tea more than the actual practice itself.  If it ever came between a 3-course meal vs high tea, a 3-course would always win. It’s all about the experience really.

There is a selection of prices for high tea depending on how much you want to spend and whether or not you want to enjoy it with prosecco or champagne as well as tea.

  1. HIGH TEA FOR 2, £22 per person
  2. PROSECCO TEA, £27 per person
  3. SPARKLING ROSE TEA, £29 per person, A Glass Of Chandon Rosé in company with your high tea
  4. CHAMPAGNE TEA, £30 per person, A Glass Of Moët & Chandon
  5. LOOSE LEAF PROSECCO TEA INFUSION, £28 per person, Grand Pacific High Tea & A Glass Of Prosecco Infused With Your Choice of Earl Grey With Chai Spice Earl Grey With Red Berry & Rose Earl Grey With Lemon & Ginger Earl Grey With Passion Fruit, Guava & Mango
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I went for Champagne Tea because I wanted something a little extra with it and as much as I enjoy prosecco I will always prefer champagne so it made more sense for me to spend the extra £3.

High tea at Grand Pacific comes in two courses.  A savory selection followed by sweet and you can either have their standard high tea or the vegetarian option.

The high tea savory selection consists of,

Crumpet With Cornish Crab Butter, Forbidden Rice Arancini With Goat’s Cheese, Marinated Tuna & Salmon Tartare, Smoked Salmon Potato Cake, Egg & Mustard Cress Sandwich, Coronation Chicken Sandwich, Eccles Cake With Creamy Lancashire Cheese.

High Tea Part 1

The high tea sweet selection is made up of,

Lemon Tart, Passion Fruit Brûlée, Chocolate Truffles, Jasmine Tea Bread With Rose Jelly & Cream, Lamington Lollipops, Grand Pacific Sherry Trifle, Mini Pavlova.

2018-07-03 10.43.54 1.jpg

If you’re a vegetarian the savory selection is composed of,

Crumpet with Salted Butter, Forbidden Rice Arancini With Goat’s Cheese, Salt and Pepper Tofu, Avocado Potato Cake, Cream Cheese & Cucumber Sandwich, Egg & Mustard Cress Sandwich, Eccles Cake With Creamy Lancashire Cheese.

This is then followed by the vegetarian sweet selection which is formed of,

Lemon Tart, Passion Fruit Brûlée, Chocolate Truffles, Jasmine Tea Bread With Rose Jelly & Cream, Lamington Lollipops, Grand Pacific Sherry Trifle, Mini Pavlova.

I went for the normal high tea because I am not a vegetarian and there doesn’t appear to be any differences between the high tea and vegetarian high tea sweet selection.  Whether the vegetarian sweet selection is made another way or is vegetarian anyway is a bit of a mystery to me and may be worth asking the next time I am there.  Just out of sheer curiosity.

Grand Pacific offers a range of teas too for example,

English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Chai Spiced, Chamomile Flower, Silver Needle, Gunpowder Green, Moroccan Mint, Red Berry & Rose, Lemon & Ginger, Passion Fruit Guava & Mango.

You can also have coffee if you’re not in the mood for tea at no extra charge.

Unlike most other places I have been for afternoon/high tea, the staff at Grand Pacific take the time to talk you through what you’re going to eat rather than leaving you to your own devices and playing trial, error, swap because you love or hate a particular item of food on there.

Thier high tea menu can be found here >


Despite going to Grand Pacific numerous times for a drink with good company I’ve only eaten here once at lunchtime and now I’m keen to try more dishes on their menu.  The lunch menu is served from 12pm-5pm and judging from experience eating here the dinner menu is from 12pm onwards.

2018-08-07 12.30.49 1.jpg

I can never resist a steak so I went for the 28-day oz aged British fillet steak.  It comes with kimchi, wasabi crème Fraiche and grilled heart of palm which is priced at £26.50.  I thought this was well priced in comparison to other places renowned for steak in the city such as Gauchos and Hawksmoor.

And some other dishes enjoyed by friends and family I’m excited to try.

Spiced Vegetable Roti £10.95

Spiced Vegetable Roti £10.95

The Grand Pacific Beef Burger £12.95

2018-08-07 12.30.47 1.jpg
The Grand Pacific Beef Burger £12.95

Ice cream with raspberry coulis and meringue £4.95

2018-08-07 12.30.43 1.jpg
Ice cream with raspberry coulis and meringue £4.95, you can choose Choose 3 Scoops From; Chocolate, Vanilla & Mango

Grand Pacific not only offers good quality food and drinks but an experience too.  There’s a certain type of ambiance here you cannot get anywhere else.

50 Spring Gardens, M2 1EN

 Sun–Thu 12pm–12am 

 Fri & Sat 12pm-2am


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