Articulate, Articulate #2: Getting Kreative With KKreations

1. Describe KKreations in 3 words.
Unique, creative and sleek.
2. Explain briefly what your business is and when KKreations was born.
KKreations was born on 13th October 2016. Kkreations is a personalised business. I do anything from Personalised wine glasses, photo frames to t-shirt printing.
3. When was KKreations born?
when I started it I was glittering up a few wine glasses for friends and family, putting their names on. Then next thing you know I was getting a few shares and likes on Facebook then that’s when the ball started rolling.
4. What inspired you to pursue this creative journey? 
I think wanting to my own business inspired me to pursue this joinery that I’m on. I had previously studied interior design in which I have a degree in. I was unable to pursue a career in it and left my degree on the shelf. I’m a creative person. From a young age, I’ve been drawing and making things. So I thought it was about time to put my creative talents to use and start my own business.
5. Where do you see KKreations in 5 years time? 
I see KKreations expanding and having a little team behind me. Helping me create my creations. Having more items to see and having more custom. Creative is endless so there will always be a niche in the market for my business.
6. What is your favourite thing about KKreations?
My favourite thing about KKreations is customer reaction. When I create a number of pieces as examples for customers to see, post them either on Facebook or Instagram, to see the reactions and comments of my customers who then like and share my pieces is unreal. Alongside with creating them. Has to be my favourite thing.
7. Is there anyone or anything that inspires you?  A business, person? etc?
I think the person who inspires me the most is my son. I think if it wasn’t for him I would push myself to achieve the best!
8. How would you determine your style?  What is KKreations voice?  
My style is fun, sleek and clean. It’s creativity taken to another level. Every day is different and not every piece is the same.
9. Do you have a favourite piece you’ve made?
There all my favourite piece. But pieces I enjoy making the most are the picture frames. And if a customer asks for something that is personalised to them, that no one has got. When they let you know that their gift is better than they imagined. There the pieces that are my favourite.
10.What is your best selling item?
Again I would say any sort of personalised frame, from Fathers Day to Birthday Frames.
11.What would KKreations expanding mean for you?
Expanding would me a wider audience, more products, for example, new products and maybe expanding into a store.
12.What is your biggest fear about KKreations? 
My biggest fear is not seeing being stuck. Not moving forward and losing my audience.
13. What’s it like having your own business and being your own boss?
It’s something I’ve always dreamed off! I am able to set my own hours to work and basically have the freedom to do more of what I want to do.
14. How do you handle the work alone? 
I love working alone. I’m into my music, so once my music is on, I’m in my zone and get to work. As my creativity comes alive.
15. The end goal for KKreations? 
My end goal for KKreations would be to expand. Have my own store and take it to the next level with new products.
Instagram @kkreations16

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