A Short Stay In Hollin Hall Country House Hotel

Last month I had the pleasure of staying in Hollin Hall Country House Hotel in Macclesfield because I was attending a wedding in the area. Hollin Hall is located in the country side and surrounded by beautiful scenery. It is a gothic style building with beautiful and gaudy interior. This is definitely one hotel I want to come back to and spend more time in just to really embrace and indulge in the tranquil atmosphere.

Hollin Hall is a hotel of 59 rooms that vary in style from single/double rooms, family rooms, standard rooms and suites.  Rooms start at around £50 per night.

There is also free parking and free WIFI.

First Impressions

I was immediately impressed and transfixed with what I saw upon my arrival in the car. The tudor-like gothic style building caught my attention straight away along with the intense countryside landscape that surrounded it. Everything here was so vast and natural.

2018-06-07 12.05.15 1.jpg



The interior is the first thing I noticed about this hotel.  Every common room was cohesive yet so different.


The bar/lounge area was particularly dark and gaudy.  Although a little too low lit at night it made for a more intimate setting.  Nonetheless the lowlight gives more of a bar and drinking atmosphere.  The dark pastel furniture made the room come to life and gave it a little more character.


The second lounge area was allowed for a little more natural light and was better lit at night.  Unlike the other room there was no bar area and is more for quiet conversation, catching up on reading or simply relaxing.

The final room on the ground floor was the dining area where you could have breakfast, lunch or dinner.  This is one of the better lit rooms since it had doors opening onto the front area where you could also eat and drink.  There was also a window in the centre of the ceiling which gave the dining room a bigger feel.  The decor seems to be a bit more dated and old fashioned in the dining room in comparison to the other two.  The other two rooms could easily pass for retro.



Since I was only there for one evening the room didn’t bother me too much.  It was just above average.  The room was basic, plain and a little dated.  The bed was comfortable and the view was okay.  The bathroom was the best part of the room.  Then again, I’ve always loved a well curated bathroom.  It was simple with good lighting and had modern marble tiling.



Unfortunately I didn’t get to try the full course menu but I did have afternoon tea here before I left which was lovely.  It was £15pp for a normal afternoon tea with any normal or infused teas and coffee of your choice and £20 to include champagne/prosecco.  It is one tiered stand between two people with one or two of each of everything.

There was a nice selection of sandwiches, cakes and scones with clotted cream, butter and jam.


The service was unfortunately the worst thing about this place.  The service upon arrival and departure was cold and hostile as we were being checked in and out.  They seemed to be rather understaffed, even on a busy evening.



  • Interesting interior
  • Picturesque inside and out
  • Comfy bedroom
  • Stellar bathroom standards
  • Quiet
  • Well priced
  • Free parking
  • Free wifi



  • Not easily accessible
  • Nothing is too close by foot, would have to get a taxi to the nearest centre
  • Poor service.


The overall experience was pleasant and relaxing.

RATING 3.5/5

Hollin Hall Country House Hotel
Jackson Lane
SK10 5BG

Tel: 01625 359 708

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