Mise À Jour: We Need To Catch Up. A New Job and A Heat Wave

I still remember the beginning of this year like it was yesterday.  2018 is going quicker than any other year I have experienced and I have no idea why it feels like this.  The last Mise À Jour I did was almost a year ago and a lot has happened.  Especially in the last month which is why I haven’t been blogging as much as I want to.

Academics| In my last Mise À Jour I was moving to China for what was supposed to be a year and things didn’t really go to plan…The majority of the experience (for me) was awful, depressing and disorganised no matter how positive I tried to make it.  I came back around five months earlier and continued to independently study and found a job I really enjoy as a wine advisor/merchant.  I’m enjoying working however, returning to university in October is looming over me subconsciously because I know I don’t want to return.

Eats| Recently, I haven’t been cooking as much as I want to because of long hours at work.  In the mornings I will usually have my usual, coffee, smoothie and yogurt.  Throughout the day I’ll usually just fill up on water because I’m constantly on my feet.  I find myself eating out on my days off as it is my chance to socialise with people.  I’ve recently been eating in,

  • Sip Bar
  • Grand Pacific
  • Smokehouse
  • Yo Sushi


Reads| At the beginning of the year I was reading a lot but that slowed down a little because of work.  My goal this year is to read 100 books and I’ve read 37 so far.  The majority have been graphic novels and comics such as Descender by Jeff Lemire which is an amazing graphic novel set in the far future about an android struggling to stay alive in a universe where all robots are outlawed.  You can keep up to date with everything I read here > https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/22982601-monique.

Wears| The weather in the UK as of late has been more than a miracle.  It has been stifling and consistent so it has been a great opportunity to wear dresses, especially white linen ones.


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