Country Cooking Month #1 : Shows That Inspire Me To Cook

It’s my favourite time of year which is country cooking month!  Country cooking month occurs every year in June and is supposed to inspire you to cook healthy homemade meals.

Country cooking month means something different to everyone.  Whether it means eating at home more, cooking something new or trying to have a healthier diet.   Last year I cooked 5/6 meals for country cooking month and I intend to double or triple that this year.  As well as cooking more, I’ll speak more on my favourite chefs, shows about food and just food related things.

They Layover with Anthony Bourdain (2011)

They layover is a food show hosted by Anthony Bourdain which is available on Netflix.  The premise of the show is that Bourdain discovers the best food places in the city he has a layover in.  He visits vast and vibrants cities such as New York, Dublin, Paris and Singapore.


Chef (2014)

Chef is a movie starring Jon Favreau and Sofía_Vergara about a chef who isn’t happy with the standard of food he is cooking at the restaurant he is working in.  Especially after having conflict with a well-known food critic.  In order to impress this food critic he wants to spice up the menu and try something new which the owner of the restaurant doesn’t want.  Due to this, he leaves and begins running his own food truck.


Cooked (2016)

Cooked is a series split into 4 parts (fire, water, air and earth) presented by Michael Pollan.  Physical elements are used in oder to explore the history of food production.  This is one of my favourite food programmes I always go back to because it demonstrates traditional and modern methods of how to cook food.


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