Articulate, Articulate #1: On Beauty and Skin Care With @misscandiceb

Articulate (ar-TIC-yuh-lit – adjective)

Having or showing the ability to speak fluently and coherently.

Articulate (ar-TIC-yuh-late – verb)  

Pronounce (something) clearly and distinctly.

Express (an idea or feeling) fluently and coherently.

‘The total history of almost anyone will shock almost everyone.’  – Mignon McLaughlin

↑That is one of my favourite quotes because we see hundreds, if not, thousands of people everyday and they’re all dealing with their own struggles and successes.  For all you know, the person you sat next to on the bus today could be the next person to revolutionise technology, or not.  You get my point though.

This is the first post of this kind on my blog and one thing I will be doing more of is just, well, speaking to people about them, their interests etc.  Although this series of interviews (and hopefully one day podcasts too) is called Articulate, Articulate, I’m not bothered about eloquence.  What’s important is hearing people’s views about their world, their hopes, dreams, achievements and failures; expressing and conveying feeling, thoughts and opinions and conceivably starting a conversation with a larger group of people.


Articulate, Articulate will start off speaking about skin care with someone I know through Instagram called @misscandiceb.  She is a skin care enthusiast with an insta grid to die for.

What does skin care mean to you? Skin care means confidence and being beautiful.

When did you begin making skin care a focus in your everyday life?  After I had my son, that’s when I really started to focus on my skin.  He literally drained me, I didn’t have the glow I once had.

What is your skin type?  My skin type is dry/sensitive.

How would you describe your skin care routine?  My routine was all over the place when I first go into skincare.  now, it’s just simple and basic: cleanser, toner, serum, face oil or moisturiser.  Twice a week I try to do a mask.

When you hear the words ‘Skin Care’ what first comes to mind? ME TIME.

Do you prefer luxury/high end or drugstore products or both?  I use a little of everything.

What is your full skin care routine?  First I’ll cleanse with a gel or foam cleanser.  Then, I’ll do a mask, usually a detox mask.  I know this is weird but I’ll cleanse again after!!!  Then do a face massage for about 3 to 5 minutes.  No toner, a serum and I’ll smother my face with facial oil and use the Jade Roller.


And your lazy skin care routine?  Cleanser and moisturise, that’s it.

What is your go-to brand/s for skin care?  I have a lot of those…..

Which products can’t you live without?  I can’t live without eye serum or eye cream.  I moisturise under my eyes day and night.

There’s a lot of talk about clean beauty as of late, what does this mean to you? Would you say that you beauty routine is clean?  I’m really into natural skin care products, I think its great.  There are so many chemicals in products out there that aren’t good for the skin.  I used to breakout all the time until I went clean.  I think my routines are clean although I may slip up every now and then


Are they any ingredients you avoid in you skin care routine?
Face polish makes me breakout.

What do you think are the biggest misconceptions about skin care?  I think people that aren’t into skin care thing it just doesn’t work.  I used to feel that way.

The skin care realm is rather female dominated. Do you have any thoughts on why this is? If yes, do you think men should be more skin conscious?  I really don’t know, skin care is skin care.  It doesn’t matter if you’re female, male, back white, pink, green, blue!!  Take care of you, do you, love you.  We only get one life to live so live it to the fullest, it’s too short.

Is there anything you would tell your younger self to start doing that would have helped your skin today?  Drink more water, that really helps with my skin.

And finally, is there any advice you would give to someone wants to begin taking care of their skin on a daily basis?  My advice?  Try to find out what skin type you are so you don’t have to spend mad money on products that don’t work for your skin.




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