Monthly Subscriptions That (I think) Are Actually Worth It

There are so many monthly subscriptions out there that are dying to automatically take your money on a monthly basis.  Not all of them are worth it but that all depends on you.  Here are some that I think are worth the money and that I use regularly.

Audible (£7.99/Month)

I love reading and one thing I need to stop doing is thinking that I need to finish every book I start.  It’s that feeling of completion that feels nice.  Audible has helped me on many occasions get through slow chapters and books that I find hard to finish.  There are so many books to listen to on Audible that you’ll always find something new to try.  After listening to a few audiobooks on there it’ll begin giving you suggestions catered to your taste.

Audible is £7.99 a month and that gets you one free credit every month that you can use to purchase a book which I think is pretty good considering most books in general are that price.  What’s more buying audiobooks is rather expensive too and take up a lot of space.  Once you have purchased a book with your credit, you get to keep it forever and use it on any device.

Audible does offer a free trial for a month if you’re interested in seeing what the platform is like and what it has to offer.

Apple Music/Spotify (both £9.99/month /£4.99/month for students)

I put these two in the same category because they’re pretty much the same thing.  Spotify has been around longer and is easy to navigate on all devices.  Apple music is available on android but naturally seems to work smoother on apple hardware.

Spotify offers podcasts and other entertaining things to listen to but Apple Music is just music as apple hardware has a built in podcast app and app store.

They both have free trials.  The Apple Music free trial lasts 3 months at the moment and Spotify is one month.  May as well try both and see what you like.

Disney Life (£4.99)

Disney life is something I recently discovered and I love it so much.  They have every disney movie and TV show you could think of.  Even all of the ones I used to watch when I was a child and through my teenage years.  It’s nice to have them all in one place where they can be relived.

Disney Life has a free trial of 7 days which is a little short in comparison to the rest but at least you still get a taster.

Disney Life also has children’s books and movie soundtracks.  I can’t be the only person who actually loved High School Musical.  I know you liked it too…

Graze (£3.99/Every week/ Bi-weekly)

Graze is a UK based snack company.  They have over 200 snacks to offer and you get around 4 snacks per box.  This is not one I subscribe to on a regular basis but it is nice to use every so often when you want something tasty delivered to your door.

They have a range of snacks depending on your diet requirements from sweet, savoury, nuts, fruit and so many more.

I resubscribed recently and I am excited to try their array of  flapjacks, cookies, tea and hemp sticks.

Hulu ($7.99/Month)

I don’t actually have Hulu because it isn’t available to me since you can only get it in the USA.  I am aware if you use a VPN it is accessible but I haven’t tried yet.  I just know they have some amazing shows on there.  Some include

  • Adventure Time
  • Blackish
  • Desperated Houswives
  • The Mindy Project
  • The Runaways
  • This Is Us
  • Up to date episodes of Family Guy
  • And so many more

Their box set of TV shows is so immense.

Netflix, Obviously (£5.99/£7.99£/£9.99/Month)

I don’t find myself watching actual TV anymore because of set time periods.  I’m not always going to be around at a particular time to watch an episode of a show I love.  It’s so much easier just to open my laptop, iPad or mobile phone.

Netflix has three different prices and it really comes down to the quality of the shows you’re watching and how many people can be using Netflix at one time, no matter what account you’re using.  There is more info here >

Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 16.06.22

I often hear people say Netflix is sh*t but I don’t agree.  There are so many good TV shows on there that I get a little bit of anxiety when I can’t decide what to watch.

YouTube Red (£9.99/Month Includes google play)

In December 2017 I started a 3 month free  trial on Youtube Red.  However, I was in China at the time and I didn’t realise that it wasn’t available in the UK yet.  It is only available in United States, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, and South Korea.  Since I was using a VPN, this did not effect me until I decided to start paying for the subscription when I was back in the UK.  I was p*ssed off to find out AFTER I payed that it wasn’t fully available to me or anyone else in the UK.

YouTube red gives you access to YouTube original TV shows, movies and documentaries which is the main feature I would say because this is the only one that is not available to me but the others still work.  Other features do include,

  • No ads or ad interruptions during videos
  • Download videos to watch offline
  • Google Play Music is included which is great if you love listening to unlimited music as much as I do.

Honestly, I’m not too bothered about the YouTube Red original series and movies.  When that attribute was available, there was only one good innovative TV show on there.  I found the rest of it to be a bit flimsy.

These are all subscriptions I have enjoyed using (apart from Hulu) and have been worth the money.  I don’t subscribe to them all at the same time but I do I know I am getting quality.


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