Cafe Diaries #8: Folk Cafe Bar

It has been a long time since I added to my little series Cafe Diaries and it’s because I’ve been going to the same places over the last several months.

One of my local go-to places is Folk Cafe Bar in West Didsbury.  This is one of my favourite places to drink beer and have coffee rather than eat but over the last couple of months I decided to use the opportunity try the food too since I am there so much.

The food is always amazing quality and really well priced.  I always feel like they’re giving me more than I deserve when I have a meal and a few drinks there.  This morning I had steak and eggs with sourdough toast and it came up to about £8.50 which I think was really good and a lot more filling than the steak and eggs for £12.75 at the Alchemist.

The overall ambience and diversity of this place is wonderful.  It is always a relaxing and quality environment.

169 Burton Road,
West Didsbury
M20 2LN

0161 445 2912