My Favourite Apps That Aren’t FB, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr or Twitter.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter have all had a huge impact on social media in one way or another and they aren’t going away anytime soon.


  1. Fancy debuted in October 2009 and has 2 million users.  It is a social commerce website and is like Instagram and Pinterest combined.  What makes it better than these two is that you can buy straight from the App.  Whether it is whisky glasses or a camera lens.  Fancy brings you closer to things you didn’t know you needed as well as showing you how innovative and distinct products can be.  You can create different lists for the items that catch your eye and you can follow other users and stores too.
  2. Goodreads is a safehaven for all book lovers.  It has 65 million members and 2 Billion books you can track and add to your personalised lists.  This is the best way to track your reading progress as well as a great source for book reviews and discussions.
  3. Kitchen Stories is an amazing app if you love cooking and discovering new recipes.  There are recipes, videos and kitchen tips.  Kitchen stories has millions of users worldwide and an endless amount of recipes from various cuisines.  You can also use it for creating shopping lists and digital cookbooks which allows you to keep track of all of the recipes you have saved.  However, this is not an app where you can upload your own recipes and images.
  4. IMDB.  If you’re a cineaste, IMDB should already be on your phone.  You can keep track of all of the latest movies and TV shows and always be alereted when something new is on the horizon.  IMDB is also perfect if you’re stuck for something to watch.  There are hundreds of lists that have been created as a guide for things to watch.  For example, ‘1009 Movies You Must See‘ which is an extensive list of must watch movies.
  5. Life Hacks is a simple app that tries to make your daily tasks a little easier day byScreenshot_20180413-211155.png day and only has 100,000 downloads on google play.  The home page is simple and split into sections such as technology, food and drinks and more.  It is one of my favourites because there’s so much helpful advice that you have never even thought of.  For example, ‘Make a password into a goal of yours so you constantly have to be reminded of it .’  I love this hack however, I would be careful of making the password goal related and not goal specific/
  6. OpenTable/Quandoo.  I love eating out and these apps make my life so damn easy.  Sometimes, I really cannot be assed calling a restaurant and talking to someone even though it’s easy.  OpenTable and Quandoo are resturant reservation apps.  Its quick and easy to find somewhere to eat and book a table.  You always get email confirmations and you can earn points too which will lead you to get deals, offers and sometimes discounts on food.  Not all of the restaurants I love are on this app but it gives me the opportunity to try something new.
  7. SideChef is a cooking app that is very similar to Kitchen Stories.  A lot of the features are similar too.  You can save all your favourite recipes, read about food, etc.  The one feature that stands out about this app is that you can plan all of your meals in advance along with shopping lists.
  8. TV Time is a TV show tracking app and it is glorious if you love good TV shows.  You can follow shows and other people so you never miss an episode as well as other people who love TV shows.  It is great for keeping up and discussing your favourite programmes and episodes with other people.
  9. Viki is an app and website where you can watch Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese dramas.  I love it because it helps me with my language studies as well as being a major source of entertainment.
  10. VSCOCAM is a photo editing app and I would also say it is one of the best.  They provide filters, and basic editing tools such as contrast, exposure and more.  Some of the filter presets must be bought but if you edit photos everyday, it may be worth it.  It also a way to get close to other photography enthusiasts as you can follow people and repost/save photos you like.

Although Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc are addicting as much as they are useful, there are more interesting apps out there that are just as competent, that could potentially be more useful to you.



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