Breakfast at The Alchemist

The Alchemist is a bar/restaurant that I would say is more famous for its complex-looking and sophisticated cocktails rather that it’s casual food.  There are three Alchemist chains in Manchester,

  • The Alchemist, The Bund,
    The Quays, Media City M50 3AB
    0161 872 7396

I’ve always been able to count on the Alchemist for a good, tasty and filling breakfast or a nice drink with friends or family.  However, I’m yet to dine there for lunch or dinner.  The main reason for this is because the lunch/dinner menus are rather random.  For example, they have fajitas which are Tex-Mex, ramen which is Japanese, jerk chicken and other random dishes which all sound lovely but, like I said, random.  All I’m saying is, if Pizza Hut started doing sushi and fried rice, I’d still go to Wagamama’s or Tampopo because that’s what they’re good for and it’s what they’re known for.   Nevertheless, I need to try their lunch/dinner dishes first before I make any snap judgements but I still stand by my viewpoint.

Anyway, breakfast there is always a delight and the breakfast menu is cohesive with a traditional American and English blend.  My go-to choices are the steak, eggs and hash browns along with coconut yoghurt and granola.  But they also offer, eggs Benedict, smoked salmon with egg, the New Yorker and plenty more.  Take a look at he menu here > Alchemist Food Menu

The Alchemist is a beautiful restaurant with a lovely modern, rustic interior.  The breakfast and drinks is and always had been good quality and the waiters, waitresses and bar staff are always helpful.

On the other hand I only ever find the experience is good Monday through Thursday, mainly because it it quieter and less busy.  When it is busy though, the quality of service plummets by a land slide and that’s why I don’t bother with it on a weekend or holidays.  There are plenty of other establishments that don’t crumble under pressure and take it out on its customers.

RATING 3.5/5


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