Boots Ingredients Sheet Masks Review : All 5 Types

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Earlier this week I was on the hunt for some sheet masks that I could buy in store whilst I wait for the ones I ordered from China and Korea.  I found some in boots for £2.00 which is an okay price but it isn’t great, especially because sheet masks are one use.  I’m used to paying 99p per sheet mask from China, Japan or Korea, so I was interested to see the standards would be the same as the Asian ones I use.


There are 5 different types of Boots Ingredients sheet masks,

  1. Lotus Flower and Tiger Lily
  2. Rooibos
  3. Safflower and Peony
  4. Super Hyaluronic
  5. Charcoal and Willowbark

Lotus Flower and Tiger Lily – Radiance and Brightening

This is the first sheet mask I tried and it is full of floral extracts, too much if you ask me.  It was heavily scented and not what I was expecting.  I’m used to the sheet masks being soaked in a clear thin lubricant but the liquid in this sheet mask was as thick as a moisturiser and and a white colour.  If you have sensitive skin, I don’t think this sheet mask is for you because of the heavy parfum (fragrance) within this sheet mask.  My skin did feel a little brighter after I finished with the mask but the over smell and texture was too much.  It felt like there was body lotion sitting on my face the entire time.

Safflower and Peony – Luminous Youth & Roobios – Energising and Revitalising

Although the next two sheet masks I tried claimed to luminate, energise and revitalise.  They had the exact same results as the Lotus Flower and Tiger Lily sheet mask.

  • Heavily scented
  • Too much thick lubricant
  • Slightly irritating on sensitive parts of the skin

The skin does look a bit brighter and healthier after first use and I would only use these three face masks if you have dry, normal skin.  I have oily/combination skin with some sensitivities on particular parts of the face sometimes and these masks stung in those areas every time.  Overall these 2.5 out 5 are not worth it in my opinion.


Super Hyaluronic – Moisturising and Nourishing & Charcoal and Willow Bar – Cleansing & Purifying

2018-04-19 04.00.34 1.jpg

I used these two sheet masks last and they were better than the previous 3 by far.  They smelled natural and the lubricant was thin and clear which is what I’m used to with the Asian face masks.  They didn’t sting or feel overpowering like the others and they actually do what the packaging says.  These two sheet masks are amazing for combination skin but the Charcoal and Willow Bar, Cleansing and Purifying sheet mask is the best for oily skin.

Overall I comment boots for getting on the sheet mask hype because they’re wonderful and I love that they tried to give a range of different sheets masks for different tastes.  The one thing I think is a problem with this range is that it isn’t clear what is best for which skin type.   So anybody who uses any of these sheet masks is just playing trial and error until the find the right one.






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