Podcasts That Get Me Over The Monday Blues

No matter how you spend your Monday there is always that Monday feeling of not wanting to do whatever it is you have to do.  Whether it be work, school, going to the gym etc.  Kind of like a mourning of the weekend but at least they always come back around.  I’ve always been told ‘Start as you mean to go on’ and I always see Mondays as a fresh start because it is the beginning of the week.

One of the ways I like to start my Monday is by listening to podcasts.  I have never really given them a chance until recently and now I can’t get enough of them.  There is so much content out there and a lot of it, if not all of it is free and readily available on iTunes, Google Play Music, Soundcloud and Spotify.Podcasts have not only given me the opportunity to learn and experience new things but they are also now a huge source of inspiration for me.  Whether it is listening to short stories in a series, conspiracy theories or motivation, it’s like having someone or a group of people there with you, as if you’re part of the conversation.  Here are some of my go-to podcast stations that start off and get me through my week.

The Ground Up Show by Matt D’Avella (Duration – 60-90 minutes)  

I discovered The Ground Up Show after I watched a documentary on Netflix called Minimalism which was actually directed by Matt D’avella.  After I watched the documentary I was pretty much radicalised by Minimalism and my mindset changed (but that’s a story for another time).

I continued researching the minimalist lifestyle and found Matt D’Avellas YouTube channel and which lead me to discover his podcast series too.  His podcasts are about how creators come to be where they are in terms of career,  how they worked their way up, what motivated them etc.  It’s nice to listen to how creators continued their passions and just did what they loved.  It’s always positive, humorous and you get to learn about new creators.

I listen to The Ground Up show in the mornings.  It really wakes me up and makes me feel as if I can take on anything and that your dreams and passions are within reach if you try hard enough.


Reality Reality by Whitney Adams (Duration 30 – 70 minutes)  

Whitney Adams also started out on YouTube and she is renowned for talking about wine, food pairing, trying different alcohols etc.  She’s really good at what she does and extremely funny.  Her podcasts, Reality Reality,  are lighthearted and easy to listen too.  They’re great for when you’re waking up happy in the morning.

Her podcasts deal with reality TV shows as well real life itself.  Every podcast, she has a different guest and they talk about what has happened on popular reality TV shows and general life things.  One of my favourtie things about her podcasts is that she has a Drink of the Episode and she’ll quickly talk through the drink ingredients her guest and she are drinking.  For example, in the very first episode was Aperol Spritz.  It’s funny, light hearted and entertaining.

If I’m having a particularly tricky Monday, Reality Reality always relaxes me and makes me laugh after a long day.

Unexplained by Richard MacLean Smith (Duration 20 – 30 minutes) 

Unexplained is a podcast station that always sends a chill up my spine.  This station discusses and explains peculiar real life events and allows listeners to open up to ideas of what is real and what is not and whether or not the two notions could potentially coexist.  It’s not real but it is real kind of thing?  There is something about this podcast which is story like but also as if a news reporter is telling you the events and experiences of the matters told.

Stuff You Should Know by How Stuff Works (Duration 40 -60 minutes)

Stuff You Should Know is an interesting and vast podcast station that explores various topics from LSD to the Big Bang Theory.  It gives you the opportunity to learn about something you’ve either never come across or wanted to know more about.  The variety of content is endless and there is bound to be at least one podcast that you will find interesting and/or educational.

Adulting by Oenone Forbat (Duration 15 – 60 minutes) 

Adulting is a relatively new podcast that talks about the difficult process of the transition form being told what to do for 18 years and then suddenly being expected to know what to with your life.  There are only 2 podcasts available but I think it will be something very successful because it deals with issues that you millennials don’t speak about enough.  For example, not knowing what you want to do with your life whilst everyone else seems to certain about what is they want to do. It is reassuring to have a Podcast like this with the potential of exploring many avenues of the millennial lifestyle and education.

StartUp Diary by Adam Callow (Duration 20 – 60 minutes) 

The StartUp Diary chews over how people start up their own businesses and the struggles that entrepreneurs have had to deal with.  It is a very inspiring podcast station for anyone who is interested in becoming an entrepreneur themselves.  This is one of my favourite podcasts because it really highlights how hard work, diligence and passion can take you to your dreams if you try hard enough.

These are some of my go-to podcasts that I subscribe to on iTunes and Google Play.  They make the beginning of my week easier, more optimistic and give me inspiration.

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