Spring/Summer 2018 Wishlist: Zara Edition

As much as I love winter and the darkness that comes with it, I adore spring and the transition to summer.  I love wearing layers which is why winter is more idea l for me but spring and summer brings me a little challenge of layering pieces without sweating to death.  Zara is one of my go-to places to buy clothes from so here are some items I will have my eye in the up coming seasons.


  1. Long Blazer with a Belt.  Blazers are another item of clothing commoj3n in my wardrobe but usually black, navy blue or grey.  I love the style of this blazer with the waist belt.  One concern is the colour because obviously white is easily dirtied and stained but I really want this is my closet simply because of the styleand formality of it.  It is also available in a mustard colourr1
  2. Crossover Jumpsuit with Belt .  I’ve never owned a jumpsuit but I’d definitely like this to be my first one.  The cinched waist with belt, v-neck and most importantly, pockets are what is really standing out tot me.u1
  3. Long Linen Blazer.  This long linen blazer jumped out to me because it is something I would get in a much larger size so I can wear it as a jacket instead of a blazer.  For me, this is a little too long just to wear alone.  It would look far better layered on top of a dark blouse.


coat 1

  1. Masculine Coat. I have always had a soft spot for coats of this style but I never seem to be able to find one particular name for it.  Anyway, this jacket has been on my radar for a while.  The colour is neutral and again can be worn in casual or formal manner.
  2. Wool Frock Coat With Double Lapel Collar.  The collars on this jacket really stood out to me as well as the overall shape of it.

frock 2


Pique 1Ribbed.jpg

  1. Piqué Sweatshirt Dress.  Recently, I have been wanting to incorporate more dresses into my lifestyle simply because they’re quick and easy to put on.  I really like the look of this sweatshirt dress because it reminds me of wearing an oversized jumper.
  2. Ribbed Dress With Polo Collar.  The style of this dress is elegant and again flexible for different occasions. The button-up style of this dress adds a certain innocence and simplicity to it.
  3. Long Striped Tunic.  The colour combination of this tunic dress works so well despite seemingly clashing.  This dress is a perfect winter to spring transition piece.

tunic .jpg



  1. Shirt With Ruffles and BowI love versatile clothing because there’s nothing worse than having clothes that you can only wear on a few occasions.  For me, this blouse can be casual or formal.  It appears to be comfortable and loose but can be tied at the waist still showing a feminine figure.
  2. Trousers With Scarf Belt.  Trousers are always my go-to in terms of pants because they’re comfortable and I rarely wear jeans which limits my options slightly.  So, I am always loTROUSERSoking for pants with various styles and cuts.  The design on the waist segment of these trousers innovative and different.

There are several hundred pieces in the Zara spring/summer 2018 collection bur these are the ones that suit my style/ wardrobe the most.  I do hope I have the chance to invest in some of these pieces.


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