Sip Wine Bar: Lovely New Bar In West Didsbury

One of my main passions is Oenology (the science and study of winemaking) and when I realised there was going to be a new wine bar close to me, naturally I became excited. Although Didsbury and Manchester, in general, have a lot of places that have a vast and vibrant selection of wines, there aren’t many that make wine their main focus. Nonetheless, there are two in particular that come to mind: Salut and Corks Out. They’re both very well known bars that are perfect if you want to be in a wine-focused environment. Salut is central and more accessible and Corks Out appears to be in locations that surrounds itself with people that have high disposable income. What makes Salut and Corks Out stand out from other bars such as, Veeno Italian Wine Cafe and Bakerie Bread and Wine Bar is their enomatic wine dispensers and it is what makes Sip Wine Bar stand out too.

For those who are unaware, an enomatic wine dispenser is a machine that dispenses wine. A little like a vending machine but more sophisticated. These dispensers have various wines in them, usually in a particular order depending on how the bar would like to arrange their wine. Sometimes it is done by taste. For example, the machine will start off with a light white wine on one end and the other end will end in something bold and red perhaps. The enomatic wine dispensers require cards which have credit on them. You can buy these at the bars but from what I remember at Sip, they’re free. You tell the bar how much you would like on the card and then you’re ready to use the machine. Using them is simple. Grab a glass, choose a wine you like the look of, insert your card into the machine and your balance will appear, each wine will have a tiny screen above it showing the size options with prices and then simply rest your finger on the size you would like. That’s pretty much it. I love these machines, they provide such a lovely and more personal wine experience.

Sip bar is just what Didsbury needed and has provided tough competition for other wine-focused places in the district such as Casa Italia, Piccolino and Gusto. Moreover, they bring a more unique and innovative wine experience to the area. Sip has a lovely selection of wines in the enomatic machines with over 20 different wines to choose from. They also have a range of wines to buy and take away as well.  There is a lovely selection of food and snacks to enjoy with the food too. The staff are warm, welcoming and very experienced if you’re stuck for what to choose. The interior is intimate and simple with a slight wooden aesthetic.

Sip has only been open for a few weeks and seems to be gaining more and more popularity. I have high hopes for this place and wish it all the best.

156 Burton Road
West Didsbury
M20 1LH

0161 445 1900


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