9 Things I loved about Shanghai

It has been almost two weeks since I returned home from Shanghai. As much as I wasn’t enjoying it, there are little things that I do miss about that city and I get this feeling of Nostalgia when I think back sometimes. Here are 9 things I loved about it.

  1. Meeting other foreigners. The best thing about Shanghai is that there are so many people living and travelling there from around the world so there are so many opportunities to make friends. It also makes being in such a different country a lot easier, especially if you’re feeling homesick.
  2. Transportation. Shanghai has the best underground system in the world. It’s quick, efficient and as long as you know where you’re going, you’ll get where you need to be in no time.
  3. I didn’t mind getting lost (within reason). There were plenty of times I was lost in Shanghai or my google maps failed me. On the other hand, there was always an underground stop nearby. Once you get past how intimidating the underground maps look, it’s pretty easy to navigate. For me, this always meant I could always found my way home…as long as it was within the operating hours.
  4. Anything can be delivered. From food to toilet seats, order it and it will be delivered straight to your door. There is an website and app called Taobao. It is very similar to Ebay and Amazon but there’s something about it which seems better than usual (in my opinion). In terms of ordering food you can pretty much order whatever food from wherever you want from an app called Ele.me. It’s a lot better than Deliveroo, Hungry House or Just Eat simply because there is much more variety to choose from.
  5. 24 hour shops. I wish there was more of a demand for these in the UK. Perhaps it’s because I have insomnia. However, in Shanghai there are many 24 hour convenience stores. For example, Family Mart, 7/11 and few others. If you were coming home from a night out or just wanted a hot coffee at 3AM these stores stores were there for you.
  6. Free entry to bars and clubs (under certain circumstances). If you’re a foreigner in China and love to go to clubs, you’ll get to know other foreigners you’ll soon realise that there are a lot of places foreigners get into for free. As well as free entry, you usually have a free drinks table where there are other foreigners. The negative things about these though are that some of the clubs serve fake spirits. As long as you’re weary and stick to beers if possible, it’ll be fine. If you want to know more about Chinese clubs and my experiences in them, read this, Shanghai’s unexpected night life.
  7. Shopping. There are so many shopping malls in Shanghai that some of them look desolate.
  8. Sightseeing. Shanghai has a never ending list of things to see. For example,
    • The Bund
    • Oriental Pearl Tower
    • Yu Garden
    • Longhua Temple
    • Disneyland
    • Shanghai history museum
    • Jin Mao Tower
    • and so much more.
  9. There’s always a photo opportunity. China is a place whereby traditional life and modern life are always battling with one another and the contrast always presents amazing photo opportunities. Especially the architecture.

There were some things that made everyday a little easier.

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11 thoughts on “9 Things I loved about Shanghai

    1. Ahh okay! The Shanghai underground is pretty amazing but intense. After a day you will be used to getting around. You will have plenty of 24hour grocery stores at hand. If you want, I can make a post about things to prepare for before going?


      1. No problem, is there anything you want to know in particular or are apprehensive about? Then I can focus on particular things as well as giving you information you many not need but will have at hand anyway.


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