9 Reasons I Hate University

I love education but I HATE school.  I’m getting to the end of my second year of university now and I cannot say that I have full enjoyed my first 2 years at university.  Here are 9 reasons why, because I couldn’t think of 10.

  1. ‘Everyone is in the same boat!’ They Said.  This was said to me so many times that when I think about it now it makes me angry.  It was just a way yo reassure students that everything will be fine at university.  Well I learned my lesson.  Everyone is definitely not in the same.  People handle things very differently and it is the same with going to university.  For some people it is a smooth experience and things are not as bad for them as they are for others.  Just bare this is in mind when you go to university, especially if you get homesick easily or if you find it difficult to make friends.
  2. Freshers.  Freshers. Freshers.  I was initially very excited for freshers week because I thought I was going to meet so many new people, have fun and go to great places.  Well, that did not really happen.
    • Before everyone got to university, everybody bought freshers week tickets online for about £60 which is not cheap.  When I arrived at university, I felt pressured to buy one and so I did and I regretted it immediately.   Supposedly, you got access to all these events, bars and clubs with 1 free drink or something like that and it turned out not to be entirely true.  I went out on the first night anyway and it was pretty shit.  I didn’t  like it and I left.  I hated freshers week. I actually met a few of my friends in my lectures.
  3. Halls.  Traditionally halls is where you meet some of your closest friends and they’re the ones you live with in your second year of university.  My halls was pretty awful because it had about 80 people in it across three floors and it was intense.
    •  I don’t mind people being loud but have some respect when the majority of people are sleeping.  Some people just have no sense of decency.  In my halls there were people banging on doors for no reason, kicking thing against walls.  Not ideal.
    • I also found that because everyone was told halls is where you will meet the people you will live with in second year, the friend making was intense and and at times seemed fake.  I was not too comfortable with the idea that you have a short period of time to make friends and then find a house for the following academic year because you do not see some peoples true colours for a while.
  4. Results.  I’m not talking about the anticipation and pressure to get good grades, it’s the over competitive people who constantly ask just so they know if they have done better than you.  There is nothing wrong with a little healthy competition but if it is not out of genuine curiosity it drives me insane.
  5. Expensive books you probably won’t use.  We are already paying rent, for food, sometimes travel and lets not forget the tuition fees and they have the audacity to make books so damn expensive.  All it demonstrates to me is the notion that education is for the wealthy.
  6. Ridiculous lecture times.  I can work with the 9am lectures because it’s like high school and work but evening lectures can take a toll.  Last year and this year I had lectures that start at 17:00 with nothing else during the day.  So the anticipation of it can really take a toll.
  7. Some lectures do not give a fuck.  Not all of them but some of them just want to do their research and release their next best selling EXPENSIVE text book or journal.
    • Then there is the case of having favourites.  In my experience sometimes lecturers are willing to help some students more than others.
  8. Presentations.  Presentations are awful and almost all lecturers use them.  I just think that it makes wanting to learn harder because no one wants to sit there and listen to the same voice of a couple of hours with minimal breaks.  I just wish there was something else lecturers could do.
  9. It can drain the passion right out of you.  Sometimes because of how lectures are executed and taught you may find that you do not enjoy them anymore because of the constant repetition and heavy work loads.

Everyone has there own experiences and there are some good experiences too but the bad really outweighed the good.


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