National Sun Safety Week: 6 ways to Stay Protected

summerThis week is national sun safety week so here are 6 things you can do to stay safe when the sun is shining on you this summer. (and because I couldn’t find anymore)

  1. Sunscreen.  Obvious, I know but it is important.  Anything SPF 30 or above is better and it should be reapplied every 2 hours.  It should also be reapplied after sweating or swimming.
  2. Try to avoid tanning beds.  Tanning beds are so bad for the skin.  They contribute to the risk of skin cancer and can damage the skin long-term.  Instead, use fake tan or tinted lotion.
  3. Cover up occasionally.  This is very difficult to do on hot days but it will benefit your skin.  Instead of tank tops and shorts all the time try maxi/midi skirts/dresses and thing tops/shirts with longer sleeves.
  4. Find some shade.  UV rays are strongest between 10AM and 4PM so try to limit your exposure to the sun at these times.
  5. Stay hydrated.  Drink lots of water.  The sun can be very dehydrating so this is very important.
  6. Wear your sunglasses.  Not only are they a fashion accessory but they also protect your eyes from UV rays which can cause eye problems.

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