Swadesh: My Go-To Indian Restaurant

Processed with VSCO with c8 presetLast Monday I was in the city centre and craving Indian food and the first place I thought to go was Swadesh.  There used to be one in my neighbourhood but it shut down.  Luckily, the main restaurant is still doing well in the city centre.

Swadesh is right in the centre of Manchester on 98 Portland Street, close to other bars, restaurants, Manchester Central Library and Manchester Art Gallery.

The food at Swadesh really hit the spot like it always does and it was nice to know that the quality was still on point after so many years of not being there.  Their menu is full of different curry dishes that can be catered to your tolerance of spices along with a range of bread and rices dishes to have with your curry.  What’s more their drink prices, alcoholic and non alcoholic are really good, so you needn’t feel anxious about ordering a second or third.

The staff and service are delightful and the ambience all round is delightful.  If you’re in Manchester city centre and you want Indian food, this is the place to go.

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