10 Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Fathers day is just over two weeks away and although our fathers will always love us unconditionally,  presents or no presents, it is nice to put thought into it and get him something special.  So here are some fathers day gift ideas.

  1. Screen Magnifier.  Everyone has a phone these days and everyday more and more people are using their mobiles as Televisions.  They just make life easier and more efficient.  If you father likes to watch things on his mobile such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, the news, he’ll find this screen magnifier useful.  It can be used on all smart phones, it makes the screen three times bigger and when it is not being used it folds away itself.
  2. Personalised Initial Bar Cufflinks.  Whether they’re your fathers initials, or your initials this is a lovely gift idea for your father.  They can be worn on any occasion too.
  3. Personalised Lyrics Record Print.  I am yet to meet someone who does not like music and this personalised lyrics record print is a perfect gift for a father who loves music or just has an all time favourite song.    If he is a lover of vinyl, even better.

    leather hanging
    Leather hanging wash bag by vida vida
  4. His favourite cologne.  Cliché but simple.  Or perhaps find something new for him to try.
  5. Bag Of Sweet Treats.  If your father has a sweet tooth then he will love this big bag of homely baked goods.  It contains short bread biscuits, butter fudge, ginger cake and so much more.  (I may actually buy this one it looks amazing!)

  6. Leather Hanging Wash Bag.  This is nice to store things in that are used regularly in your bathroom such as razors, moisturisers, etc.  Then when the time comes to travel or just somewhere else for the night this can be rolled up and packed quickly.
  7. Thirst aid box.  The thirst aid box is a lovely 6 bottle crate of British beer.  It consists of 2 golden beers, 2 pale ales and 2 bitters.  Gift notes can also be included within these boxes.  It’s a nice gift, especially because we’re getting close and closer to summer.
  8. Gourmet Rub Collection.  The Gourmet Rub Collection is great for a father who loves cooking and hosting BBQs.  It consists of five different seasonings all made naturally.
  9. Personalised Jewellery Box.  Men can and should have jewellery boxes too.  Whether it your glasses, cufflinks, mobile, watch, this box is perfect to help keep things organised and in one place.
  10. Gin Monkey, A History Of Gin Tasting Set.  Gin is a popular spirit amongst the majority of people and if your father is one of these individuals, I am sure he will appreciate it.  The gin tasting set consists of 5 different sample gins;
    1. Bols Genever
    2. Hayman’s Old Tom Gin
    3. Tanqueray Export Strength
    4. Gin Mare
    5. Bathtub Gin

Hopefully, this list will help you with your gift hunt for your father and make the gift hunting experience easier.




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