Oké Poké: Hawaiian Street Food Comes to the City of Manchester

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The weather today was scorching in Manchester and in dire need of something refreshing to eat and drink, I came across this Hawaiian food joint and it is truly amazing.

Oké Poké is on 59 Church Street in the Northern Quarter opposite Afllecks Palace and is a healthy alternative to the majority of other high street foods you may choose to opt for. Oké Poké comProcessed with VSCO with c8 presetpiles rice bowls with raw fish, vegetables and other ingredients of your choice into one dish and is made right in front of you.  Although it is Hawaiian food there are hints of South East Asian cuisines within it.  Today, I opted for the Classic Ahi bowl which consists of sushi rice, tuna, avocado, sliced carrots, wakame, cucumber, spring onions, sesame seeds and their classic sauce.

They also have a range of smoothies and juices freshly made and ready to drink.  I was drawn to the lemonade with basil which is an excellent combination I never would have thought went together.

If I am ever in the city and in need of a healthy lunch and friendly staff, I think this will be my first option!




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