Café Diaries #4: Pot Kettle Black (PKB)

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PKB is a café situated just outside of St. Annes Square in Manchester city centre.  The decor in here is amazing.  It’s very wood-based and gives everything a very natural look.  I also love that they have large console tables which will sit 7-10 people, so whether you’re with a group of people or having to share with others already using the table there us a nice communal atmosphere.

This is another café which is open until late in the evening which is nice because some cafés shut early because their main source of income is breakfast and lunch but it is nice to have somewhere to go and just relax after a day of running errands, shopping etc.

The food is lovely.  PKB has a variety of savoury and sweet meals and snacks that are all suitable for breakfast, brunch and lunch.It’s a nice little café and with decently priced food, snacks, coffee and alcohol.





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