20 Quick Ideas On How To Spend Your Spring Bank Holiday 2017

preview-travel-fThe next bank holiday in the UK is the 29th May 2017.  For many, it’s a day to wind down or use that spare time to do something you have been wanting to for a while. For others, it is even a 3 day weekend if you usually have Saturday and Sunday off.  Here are some quick ideas on how you can spend that time.

  1. Be a tourist in your hometown.  Whenever it comes to ideas on how to spend a day, the first thing that comes to my mind is be a tourist in your own city.  It’s simple and your city/town may surprise you.
  2. Visit another city.  If your hometown does not interest you visit another city.  Far or near you should see what your own country has to offer.  Whether it is by car, train or plane, your country is more accessible than you think.  Go and see what is out there.
  3. Museums/galleries etc.  Go and indulge in some culture and history in a museum or art gallery.  There may even be a historical site close to where you are.
  4. Check if there is an event on near you at the time.
  5. Coffee shop crawl.  If you only have the day off a coffee shop crawl is not a half bad idea.  Especially in the era we are in today.  Has coffee ever been more popular?  I’m not talking about Starbucks or Costa, I mean independent and overrun with hipsters.  Go and try all of the wonderful coffee out there.
  6. Grab your camera or and go and take pictures of what is around you.  You don’t need a DSLR camera or anything flashy.  Just grab what you have got and use it to the best of its ability.  You may find that you have a new passion.
  7. If the weather is nice, go for a picnic.  I have never actually done this but I have always wanted to.  Call some friends, make some food, buy some wine and enjoy the company and scenery around.
  8. Go to the cinema!!!  I don’t know about you but I love going to the cinema and it should be appreciated more.  Gone are the days when the cinema was free but don’t wait for it come out on DVD because the cinematic experience is like any other.  Just like coffee shops, we are in an era where good TV shows and movies are thriving.
  9. Binge watch some TV.  Leave your pyjamas on make some food and tea and catch up on all of the shows you have been meaning to watch.
  10. Get some blankets and watch your favourite movies.  Unlike TV shows, this is revisiting the films you love most and that make you feel good and nostalgic.
  11. A book you have been meaning to read?  Reading is good for you and time should always be made for it but if you’re always low on time, take advantage of this bank holiday.
  12. Catch up on life. You know when you just need to catch up on life in general because you have been doing the same thing over and over again non-stop?  Take this time to relax and catch up on things?  Anything, introduce some balance back into your life.
  13. Bubbles and bubbles.  Have a nice long and hot bubble bath with some prosecco or champagne.  Treat yourself.
  14. Spa day at home.  Face masks, deep conditioning, manicure.  Do it for you.
  15. Spring cleaning.  Take this time to clear up things, throw things away you don’t need, old clothes you do not need anymore.  Declutter and downsize.  Do it before you know you will never have the energy to do it.
  16. Be active.  Many people don’t have enough time to exercise because of other commitments, well now is your chance.
  17. Catch up with some old friends.  Whether it’s online or in real life, plan something.  Use this bank holiday to maintain a strong friendship or relationship and catch up.
  18. Begin learning a new language.  Take it easy and learn some new words.  There are thousands of apps that you can use with endless languages to learn.
  19. Listen to some podcasts or an audiobook Whether it is a comedy, factual or a book.  Lay there, go for a walk, cook a meal, exercise, podcasts and audiobooks can be listened to whilst doing other productive things.
  20. Don’t do anything.  Sometimes it is just so nice to just lay and just do absolutely nothing.  It feels fantastic.  Just have an unplanned, stress-free day.


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