Café Diaries #3: The Art of Tea

This is by far one my favourite independent cafés in Manchester.  The Art of Tea is located in a suburban area of Manchester called Didsbury and it is surrounded by other adorable, edgy and innovative cafés, bars and boutiques.  It’s very small like the majority of other independent cafés I’ve noticed but what makes the Art of Tea standout is the bookshop in the very back of it.  What’s more, behind that is a frame studio.  They are open morning until evening, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner which is great be cause there is variety in food.  On the other hand, there are set times for which you can get breakfast, lunch and dinner which I’m not used to in small cafés.  Usually you can get whatever food on the menu at anytime.  The Art of Tea has an amazing selection of tea and of course coffee too.