Mise à Jour: Brass Mornings and Hot Coffee

The weather this Saturday morning is pleasant, it’s breezy and bearable and what better way to enjoy than with coffee.

Academics| I have been focusing on a variety of other subject areas other than my degree because I have had a little more time on my hands.  I think that it’s important to continue learning all the time for yourself and because of the possibility that it could help with your future employment prospects.  I have spent a lot of time on language learning apps as usual and I have just began a TEFL course which I’m really enjoying and hope to be able to do something with it in the future.

Eats| My diet has been exciting and more balanced since my last Mise À Jour.  I have been focusing more on my hydration, drinking more smoothies and eating out here and there.

Reads| One book I have been reading and rereading is You Get So Lonely At Times That It Just Makes Sense by Charles Bukowski.  It is not as depressing as it sounds.  It is a poetry book that focuses on his experiences in life.  It’s unlike any other poetry book I’ve red.

Wears| As we near the end of spring and ease into summer, naturally I have been wearing less and less layers.  I’ve been wearing a lot of skye blue, navy, black and white and keeping things smart casual, so I’m ready for any occasion.  Take a look at my end of spring Lookbook.


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Chinese and International Relations Student, Avid Reader, Casual Comic Book Collector, Fashion and Beauty Fanatic, Food, Wine and Whisky Enthusiast, Freelance Photographer, Language Devotee, Polymath

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