Exam Season: 5 Ways to Reduce Stress and Stay healthy 

Exam season.  Open season.  What’s the difference? Exams are awful and hardly enjoyable and all of the work that must be done leading up to them can be stressful and soul destroying.  Nevertheless, it’s important to remain calm and as optimistic as possible so you can do the best for yourself.  All you can do is your best no matter what!  Anyway, here are my top 5 ways to staying stress free and healthy during exam season.

  1. 2002_Watercolor_Study_03STAY HYDRATED.  Remaining hydrated is so important for your mind body and health in general.  It is recommended that people should drink 2 litres of water a day.  It is really good for the skin and helps to maintain the body’s temperature.  It also increases your energy and helps to relieve tiredness.
  2. Try to maintain a balanced diet.  Again, this is something that should be done generally but if you’re not, now is the time to start.  A balanced diet helps you feel better in everyday life and promotes the maintenance of healthy cells and organs.
    • N.B  Don’t have a heavy meal before an exam as this can lead to fatigue which may have a negative impact on your performance.
  3. Exercise regularly.  Exercise during exams is really importasshedulent because it is good for self-esteem and stress-management.  It helps stress because it boosts the bodies endorphins.  Thus, making you feel better.
  4. Breaks are so important.  No matter how much cramming you have to do breaks are so important because it can boost productivity and is simply just good for your health.  Don’t overwork your brain too much.
  5. Make schedule and lists.  Making lists helps to keep track of the work and tasks that you want to accomplish during the day.  I would personally limit these lists to between 4-6 tasks a day.  Put down to many and it may be overwhelming.

I hope that these five little tips help you to stay calm and stress free during exam season.  I know they’ve helped me!

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