8 Reasons Not to Commute to University

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So I’m currently freezing at the train station waiting for the train home from university. I’m waiting an hour later than usual because I just missed the train by a second. Since I have more time I thought it would be a great idea to do a blog post about the drawbacks of commuting.

Disclaimer:I had a vague idea of the efforts I would have to make when I considered commuting. 

  1. Weather issues.  I began commuting half way through my first year of university so I only experienced commuting in the spring and summer time which isn’t so bad. However, as soon as I entered my second year during autumn and winter my body was not prepared for the harsh realities of commuting. Especially when the weather reports are wrong.  Rain, ice, snow, cold breeze etc.  It can be exhausted no matter how much you wrap up.
  2. Days Are Longer.  It takes me an hour to get to university and an hour to get back and that’s just the train journey alone. I have to get to the city centre, spend an hour on the train and then I walk to university. So all together I probably spend 3 and half hours travelling a day. This means I wake up earlier, sometimes 3am and I have to wait around campus for hours when I have gaps between my lectures. It can be really exhausting some days. 
  3. Plan. Plan. Plan. Everything I do has to be planned in advance so I can get to lectures on time and so I don’t miss the train, like today. Nevertheless, planning has helped me to become a more efficient person.
  4. Seeing University Friends Less. Since a lot of my time is spent traveling, studying or both, it’s rare that I see my friends from university on a social level, especially during the evening because trains run until a certain time.
  5. Everything is Done Earlier. Whether it’s breakfast, showers, working out and leaving. All of theses morning activities have to be done earlier.
  6. Coming Home Late.  Some days, like today, I must return home late which means I eat late and have less time to myself. Moreover, it’s a dangerous during winter, especially for women so extra caution just be taken.
  7. Carrying Everything Back and Forth. On days when I have more than one or even two lectures it means I have to carry more which can be tiresome but it must be done.
  8. It’s Just F*cking Draining. Commuting is just strenuous, especially when you have to attend university every day. It can really take a toll on the body physically and mentally.

Commuting is hard and it takes some serious commitment to do. Would I change to live on campus? No. I still save money at the end of the day and I still get to live in a great city which is a lot bigger than my university city. Just some food for thought.

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