The Evolution of Fashion Dissemination, A Theory

For the past 11-12 years I have been deeply interested in fashion and I still am but I cannot say I have always been happy with what has become of it over those years and it is because of technology and social media.  Nevertheless, I accept it and I am learning to love the many perks of it.

Personally, I find blogging difficult.  It takes time and effort to produce quality posts, especially when it comes to talking about fashion.  However, I have seen so many fashion ‘bloggers’ on social media over the last decade and sometimes I am struggling to put the two words together when looking at some of the content they are producing.

As someone who dedicates a lot of their time to language learning, being clear and concise is important.  The definition of fashion according to the oxford dictionary is ‘he latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behaviour.’ or ‘a manner of doing something.’  The definition of blogger is ‘a person who regularly writes material for a blog.’  So when you put two and two together, a fashion blogger is a person who writes material about the latest trends in fashion, hair etc.  On the other hand, I find a lot of bloggers leave the writing part out or to at least a bare minimum and this is the thing that has been bothering me.   Yes it is aesthetically pleasing but where is the fashion blogging part?  To me, it has always just seemed like garment blogging.

The  very first issue of Vogue was released in 1892 and Elle 1945.  For decades people opened magazines in order to retrieve the information we get so easily today on social media.  Now Vogue, Elle and other fashion magazines are more accessible because everyone can read their content online.  When technology allowed us to produce our own content, I was under the influence that fashion bloggers wanted to produce the same content as what was shared in Vogue, Elle and other iconic fashion brands and magazines. But, I think I was wrong?

Fashion blogging seems to be more about just getting it out their quickly and how many people are trafficked to your blog as well as posting photos pleasing to the eye.  In some ways it is great but I miss the depth quality writing bloggers post about their outfit.  Where did they buy it?  How much is it? How did it make them feel?  When do you wear this outfit?  But don’t get me wrong, there are some bloggers out there who do produce more than just a picture when it comes to blogging.mariana

Here a few of my favourites;

Life With Me by Mariana Hewitt.  She is a Fashion and Lifestyle blogger with quality posts and content.



Patricia Bright is another one of my favourites.  As well as blogging about Fashion and Lifestyle, there are elements of Travel and Experiences.


The dissemination of fashion is not what it used to be and with all of this social media it will only keep changing now.  Fashion dissemination may never be what it used to be but at least it is still relevant, supplying jobs and now everyone can be included.


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