10 Simple Valentine’s Day Date Ideas 2018

It is amazing how time flies and how short February is as a month.  Valentine’s day is only 12 days away now and it is always nice to have a little something planned.  A day like this can be tricky, whether you are in a relationship or going on a first date.  Both sides want to be entertained and have a good time.  Here are 10 simple Valentine’s day date ideas to consider.

  1. Cinema Date – Who doesn’t love a good movie?  There are so many amazing movies cobreakfastming out this month.  I put cinema first because if this is chosen as a Valentine’s day activity,  it should be the first thing to do of the day.  That way, you and your partner have something to talk about after.
  2. Breakfast in Bed or Just Breakfast/Brunch – Breakfast (in bed) is one of the most underrated activities.  It gives you the opportunity to have a relaxed morning with your S/O, talk and just spend that quality time with one another.  It’s early in the day and gives you both time to think about what to do for the rest of the day if you haven’t planned anything yet or talk about what you’re going to do if you both have planned activities.
  3. Video Game Session – Whether it is at home on the games console or if its at the arcade in your local cinema.  It’s fun to have a one on one versus session and you can find out what games you both like.  It could even become a regular thing if you both enjoy it.
  4. Homemade Spa Day – Many people don’t realise a lot of natural products they have at home are good for the body internally and externally.  For example, olive oil or honey.  Both of you can prepare spa day like activities for one another.  From massages to face masks, all of them can be done at home.
  5. Spend the Day  Watching your Favourite Movies – In bed or in the living room, get some fast food, popcorn and beer/ wine and share your favourite films with one another.  Even if you’re not too into a particular genre.  If they like it, watch it, respect it, it’s something else to mentally note down about your partner.  It matterscamera
    because they enjoy it.
  6. Become Amateur Photographers  – Explore what is around you.  You don’t need a fancy camera, just get imaginative with one another and take pictures of things you both find aesthetically pleasing.  Whether it is each other or the park bench.
  7. Create a Mini Bar at Home – Look up some cocktails to try online and make them with each other.  It is a hell of a lot cheaper than going out and buying cocktails and it is another lovely way to spend time with each other  Both sides can discover likes and dislikes.  One of you may have a knack for mixology.
  8. cooking.jpgCook For One Another or Together – Grab a cook book or your smart phone and cook a 3 course meal for each other.  From scratch.  Good or bad, simple or complex, it’s the effort that counts. Right?
  9. Wine Tasting at Home – Round up some wines of both your choices and taste them at home.  You may not be experts but both of you can research the basic of wine and oenology.  A new passion may be discovered.
  10. Wonder you Local Library or Bookshop – Nothing has to be bought or borrowed but if you both enjoy reading just a little have a little peek in a bookshop or library.  You could start up your own little personal book club.  It also gives both of you something to discuss.  There are so many book genres so the topics conversation will be endless and could even lead to something relatable between the both of you.

I hope that these little ideas give you some inspiration if you are stuck for some this valentine’s day.

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