The beginning…Again

‘The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best time is now.’ ~ Chinese Proverb

I don’t think I can emphasise how many times I’ve tried to start a blog but let it crash and burn because I didn’t give it time.  I’ve been interested in blogging for so many years and felt intimidated by all of the other successful blogs out there because they had so much content.  However, it dawned on me today that if I was persistent and more motivated, I would have as much content as they did and perhaps I would be just as successful.

I’ve attempted to focus on many themes such as fashion, food, culture, languages and many more.  I eventually realised that I have too many interests to focus on just one subject.  Now, I’m starting again with a lifestyle theme.  That way I can focus on all of the things I love.

So.  Once and again, here goes nothing.

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Chinese and International Relations Student, Avid Reader, Casual Comic Book Collector, Fashion and Beauty Fanatic, Food, Wine and Whisky Enthusiast, Freelance Photographer, Language Devotee, Polymath

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